Starting A Business From Scratch
Can Be A Real Challenge

To build a thriving business that generates plenty of income to support you, you’re going to need some things.

You’ll need absolute clarity.

You’ll need a plan for replacing your day job income.

And you’ll need a proven process for getting those ideas out of your head and into the world.

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“The best investment I have ever made.”

"Michael has helped me get clear, focused, and plant plenty of patience as my business grows through a powerful community and service. I grew my profit base from $4,000/year in year one, to $35,000/year in year two and then I hired Michael and am now projecting close to $450,000 for the year in year three. I even had a $30,000 month!

Is it about the money? If you’re a business, then yes. AND it’s about serving from my purpose lane in only the way I can and this is why the money has flooded in. I got clear on not only what I do but WHY I do it and for whom. I have more time and freedom then ever before and can say with total confidence that having Michael in my corner is the best investment I have ever made.”

Andrea Leda Wilborn – Portland, Oregon
Coach, teacher, writer and spiritual leader at

You’ve Had Enough Of Feeling That
Gut-Wrenching Dread On Monday Mornings.

It’s Time To Start Making A Living
Doing Work That Matters.

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